Focusing on Abundance

Today I find myself feeling discouraged because I am unable to travel to attend a wedding in October.

I am focusing on the millions of cells in my body which constantly reproduce, the millions of leaves in nature, the grains of sand on the beach, which I can’t even begin to count, and the myriads of stars in the universe.

In this way instead of feeling sad over what I can’t do, I feel the abundance of nature and therefore God.  I know I will feel better soon.

About Elizabeth

I love to meditate, make mandalas and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned from the challenges I have faced and the obstacles I have overcome to bring joy to others.
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2 Responses to Focusing on Abundance

  1. Steve Lakey says:

    Thanks for being able to pass on an inspiring message, despite having your own difficulties.


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