God is Love and Compassion – in all Religions

I just love this true story recounted by my new Facebook friend, Fazz on our MD Community page,

“One of my best friends is Chinese and he is a Buddhist. One day he asked whether I pray or not. I said with my condition(Muscular Dystrophy -ALS), I pray at home. The next day, he came by to my place and offered to take me to a mosque. From the car, he wheeled me to the door of the praying hall, where I transferred myself to a wheelchair provided by the mosque before entering.  As is the custom, we removed our shoes.  He sat quietly at one corner not far from me while I performed my prayers – it feels different in the mosque.

After I was done with my prayers, we left the mosque and sat on a bench outside.  Seeing me struggle to put my shoes back on, he bent down, took my feet and helped me put on my shoes. I was touched by his gestures. Although we are of different faiths, he demonstrates the quality of a true friend.

How often do you see a Buddhist guy wheeling his Malay friend into a mosque to pray?”


About Elizabeth

I love to meditate, make mandalas and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned from the challenges I have faced and the obstacles I have overcome to bring joy to others.
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