Priorities – let go of what no longer serves you

Wake up and smell the coffee!  If you want to achieve your goals, you must get rid of old habits that no longer serve you. And God is there to help you when you ask.  For example, if you want to lose weight, you have to cut back on sugar.  If that idea makes you feel like you are giving up too much, ask for help from the divine.  Your guides and angels are there to help you – simply take 3 deep breaths before reaching for that sweet treat and ask them to help you focus on how much better you will feel if you eat your favorite fruit instead.

I often ask for help at the grocery store, like this morning.  I had no problem rolling past the apple fritters and over to the produce section!

About Elizabeth

I love to meditate, make mandalas and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned from the challenges I have faced and the obstacles I have overcome to bring joy to others.
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