After limitations caused by muscular dystrophy forced me into retirement from a career as a benefits administrator, I began a meditation practice. As my body slowly deteriorated and I spent more time connecting with the Infinite Creator in meditation, I found my awareness expanding beyond the five senses.  After my mother passed I found myself meditating even more so that we could connect on the spiritual plane.  I then found that I was being guided to a healing process that reversed the progression of muscular dystrophy in my body.  My endurance has tripled – I spend less time resting on my bed, more time sitting up in my wheelchair, and I can now walk with the use of a cane in my house.

I decided to use my abilities to connect with the Divine to share what I have been shown and became a Certified Intuitive Communicator.  I now help others to enjoy a life of healing, peace, contentment, and joy.

I connect with Spirit to ask questions you have for  your guides, angels, and/or loved one who has passed.  Or schedule a one on one session to learn how you can do it yourself.


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  1. beetlehead says:

    Wow…you are an amazing woman.


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