The butterfly gets nectar from the flower, and as it moves from blossom to blossom, it pollinates the flower in return.  In the same manner, we need to give and take in equal amounts.  Take time for yourself  or reward yourself in some way in appreciation of all you give to others in the course of your day.

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Let go of all the problems and sticky situations of the week and remember all the good things that happened.  Joy is a state of high-vibration which brings a powerful positive energy which helps life flow with ease.  If you need to make any decisions, choose the path that brings you the most joy.  And don’t forget to thank your angels and guides.  Giving thanks places you in an energetic position to receive more abundance.

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Get Real

Remove your mask of denial and be willing to see clearly.  Your intuition is telling you that all is not as it appears.  Ask for help from the Source of all that is and then pay attention as the answer is shown to you, through seeming coincidences, gut reactions, and thoughts that just pop into your mind uninvited.

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Love Yourself

Let go of any feelings of unworthiness or shame.  No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes as we go through life.  Focus on what you learn from each mistake instead of criticizing yourself or mentally beating yourself up.  Forgive yourself for not being perfect and move on, knowing that God and your angels and guides love you unconditionally.

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Goodbye,, Hello

Thank you all my loyal followers.  I have grown and changed so much since beginning this blog many years ago.  It is now time to let go and move on.

So as of next week, Monday, June 19, 2017, I will no longer be posting on this blog.   I am changing my focus to my intuitive coaching practice and posting the messages that come from the Creator through my angels and guides.

My new site will be

I hope to see you there!

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Focus on Your Gift

Your gift is what you love to do.  It is that activity that makes you lose track of time.   True joy comes when you follow your passion and then share it with others.  Ideally, we would like it to be our job, but that is not always practical.  For some it is solitary, like baking, pursuing arts and crafts, or playing an instrument. For others, it can be spending time with family, volunteering in some capacity, or joining a team playing your favorite sport.

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Contemplate and Renew

This weekend, hit the pause button.  Take a break from your normal routine and spend time in nature.  Connect with your spirit in contemplation and you will emerge renewed.  When you take your mind off your worries and concerns, that ideas and epiphanies in the form of “aha” moments unexpectedly pop into your mind.

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